Motivated Mice started as a small production company.
Now we like to think of it as a very successful exercise in expression


We can show the world your vision. Fundamentally we are story tellers. Sometimes there is more than one way to get the point across. We will help you find a way.

We work well with others..really!

If you already have a team in place, that's OK. We can still help. Sometimes you need a fix for technical issues. With a huge bag-o-tricks, sometimes we can get you out of the frying pan.

Top of the line gear

  • Cameras

    RED Epic X, Nikon D800, GoPro Black
    Full set of Red Pro Primes, Ziess primes and zooms, Nikon Zooms and Lomo zoom
  • Audio

    Sound Devices 442 Mixer with Portabrace bag, Sennheiser ME66 w/ battery module + Rycote Softie, K-Tek boom pole (carbon), Oktava MK-012 (Indoor recording) stereo pair + -10db pad w/ Hypercardioid capsule, Fostex FR-2LE Field recorder
  • Misc

    Follow focus + 12" whip + speed crank, Matte box, Pancro IR+ND 4 x 5.650 Filter Kit .9, 1.2, 1.5, Film Tools Carmount (4 cup), Miller series II 50 w/ Carbon fiber sticks, Kessler Crane 8' w/ support wire + KPOD support + Weights, 6' Slider Dolly
  • Lighting

    Kino Diva 400, LED Light Strip, HMI 150 Rehoused



Desmont Drive - Candy in line :: DP

Sleep the Owls - Midnight Man (LIVE) :: DP

Khalil-"Hey Lil Mama" Ft Lil Twist :: DP

Taylor Ivy - Save The World(Haiti Edition) :: DP

Plies - Letters :: DP

BG - Back to the Money :: DP

BG - My Hood :: DP

Doc Wily - Fresh out the Box :: DP,Edit

Boondak Syndicate - Hot Rod :: DP,Edit

Lie in Wait - The Pursuit :: DP, Edit


Narrative / other

Narrative / other

Baxter Groundbreaking, Live Event :: Camera Op, Edit

Safehouse Coffee, Live Event :: Camera Op

Wilson Pickett Tribute concert :: Camera Op

Disposable Income, Short film :: DP, Colorist

Turning Stone Designs, Commercial :: DP, Edit, Colorist

Dirty Cup Tamper Review, Live Event :: Camera Op, Edit

The Tree Jumper, Short Film :: DP, Edit, Colorist

In the Shadow of My Enemy, Short film :: DP, Edit, Colorist

Irresponsible Actions, 48Hour Film entry :: DP Edit, Colorist

The Green Room, Short Film :: DP Edit, Colorist



Serving the Atlanta area